The value of a relationship retreat stems from the name itself; it is an experience where as a couple, you step back for a moment and reflect on those aspects of your life which you value and cherish and also to identify what you want to improve and change. In addition, it also allows you as a couple to step away from all the issues that may well have contributed to the situation you currently wish to address. Think of a relationship retreat as a temporary safe haven.

Rossholme, nestling at the foot of Brent Knoll’s slopes, offers comfort and a tranquil space for couples to get away from the hustle and bustle of often very busy lives. With the reputation of providing a rich range of health services and therapies for all lifestyles, along with quality accommodation and excellent food, there is no better place to unwind and recharge.

Within the confines of the Clocktower Centre, couples have the opportunity to work closely, in a relaxed but structured way, with each other, other couples and course leaders so that you will:

– Agree and commit to working together towards your shared goals

– Identify your individual and combined strengths

– Explore what you both bring to the relationship, and how you contribute to its growth

– Challenge yourself to appreciate how words and behaviours bring difficulties to the maintenance of your physical and emotional relationship

– Identify your joint values, beliefs, preferences and styles, and appreciate the consequences when these differ

– Learn how to manage differences in a creative and constructive manner by communicating more openly about emotions, feelings, and thoughts

– Reflect on the value of being a couple and how working as a couple you can enhance your life and relationship

– Set powerful goals orientated around enriching and strengthening the depth of your relationship

You are probably reading this and considering which of various courses action will be the best one to take. We have shared some thoughts with you about what you will get out of attending a relationship retreat. The Change Experience.

The Change Experience