Families need to develop, change and adapt to their constantly changing environment. The opportunities for families to have fun and excitement are always there but all too often get submerged in the hectic demands of our current lifestyle.

djp can help and support you to get involved, share, explore and learn from each other in order to develop harmony within the family. It is necessary to ensure each and every family member is listened to and included in the family plans and goals.

djp can help you identify obstacles and offer opportunities to have a shared sense of purpose and at the same time have lots of fun together on the way.

Step families – can produce difficulties of their own and these can sometimes be better understood and mediated if each family member has someone they can trust to share their concerns. djp can fulfil this role and work with everyone to overcome the problems and restore the family to working better with a sense of togetherness.

Foster / adoptive families having spent 20 years in the caring profession no-one knows better than djp the needs, difficulties and the distractions often encountered that make life often such a challenge for these families. He is also very aware that if these are honestly debated out in the open then the rewards and satisfaction for all concerned can be immense.

djp can offer independant mediation to foster families where they are encountering difficulties with their agency and the agency supports this course of action.

djp can also offer mediation, support, coaching to any family where there has been a major change or trauma.