Do you need help crossing the threshold to a new relationship? Do you have the confidence to take the first step? Would you like support along the way?

Would you like help in clarifying what you wish for from a relationship and raising your awareness of what you have to offer a relationship?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes or even maybe then working with djp you can raise your confidence to give you the courage to embark on this exciting journey.

Most relationships at some time in their life need repair, refreshing and invigorating or mediating. This can happen in the early stages, when the relationship is well established but needs a new impetus, when faced with difficulties or when it is seemingly coming to or at an end. djp can help you better your relationship in any of the following ways:-

Repair all relationships get into difficulty at times and sometimes the emotions get in the way of being able to see a way forward. It can be helpful to have an independant specialist to see you through to new levels of understanding, identify something that is going wrong and enable you to be freer to explore how you can acheive your dreams together.

Invigorate all relationships can get into a ‘rut’ at times — and with djp you can explore your goals both short term and long term which can enliven, enrich and excite your shared future journey. You will learn to celebrate and cherish your differences, develop a new energy and enthusiasm to enable greater creativity and develop your awareness of each other to bring a sense of fun and a more harmonious sense of well being to your relationship.

Mediate / Collaborate sadly some relationships do not work out. Alongside djp you can reduce the pain and plan for the future of all parties involved to ensure that the difficulties are managed in a way that minimises the distress, respects and values the past and enables the future to be constructed in a positive manner.