As a couple, if you carry on living the way you are, how likely are you to change the way you manage and conduct your relationships? The experience of a relationship retreat will enable you to view the relationship with your partner in a new and different perspective, both now and in the future.

You will be asked to think about and find the answers to the difficult questions you never get around to asking each other.

Not only will you learn how to resolve differences in a more effective way, you will experience how these skills work in practice.

The retreat will allow you to appreciate and understand your partner in a way that will deepen and strengthen your relationship.

The discussions you have, and the exercises you complete, will rekindle and ignite the fire of love between you both.

By working in a climate of openness and honesty you will both get a realistic appreciation of where the relationship stands and how you can ensure it continues to flourish.

As a couple you will be encouraged to work towards clarifying and identifying what you really want, and be shown how to achieve the goals you both set.

Creating Your Own Future