Having worked both for the Local Authority and having set up and developed his own business David has an in depth understanding of the needs and difficulties experienced in the work place. djp-relationships is able to offer :-

support and counselling in personal, business and team issues. It is imperative to the success of your business that all staff are operating not only efficiently but also are happy to come to work. This generates the conditions for optimising the levels of satisfaction and hence output of your team.

djp-relationships in addition to offering individual support in the workplace is able to offer an ongoing coaching, counselling, support and supervision of all staff in the small business sector where the size of the business limits the ability to offer a full Human resources / Personnel Section.

Mediation djp as a trained Mediator has mediated staff issues across a number of sectors and situations in the business environment. He is able to come in as an independent person to help resolve individual issues for or between staff and management.